Cooker hoods

We offer a choice between clean air and… clean air. All the rest is a matter of your personal taste.

Powerful or very powerful. Silent or noiseless. Attractive, being the center of a kitchen or fully integrated in its design. Cooker hoods represented by us can be selected by any parameters except one that is automatically included into function range of every model. It’s clean air in the kitchen.

Best S. p. A. is the first company in the world that discerned an aesthetic kitchen appliance in cooker hoods: in the beginning of the 90’s the company equipped a traditional plain box for air suction with designer forms and colours. 

The catalogue of Best cooker hoods includes Living and Platinum ranges. The Best Living range received many awards in the field of industrial design. One of the outstanding creations is a cooker hood К 9995 made in cooperation with the Porsche design bureau. 

Combining bold design solutions with creation of own innovative technologies, the Best Group is today the largest European concern producing both cooker hoods and their spare parts, for own cooker hoods as well as for cooker hoods of other brands. But the concern’s innovations are used to the full extent only for cooker hoods of ТМ Best. Among the most famous of them – three-phase motor providing unprecedented power as of today (up to 2080 m3/h); ENC system making hood noise comparable with rustle of leaves even on maximum speed; ASC sensor allowing Best cooker hood to turn on automatically and to control the suction power depending on fume intensity on the cooker. These and other innovative solutions allow Best cooker hoods to remain the most intelligent, the most silent and the most powerful.

Falmec is the third largest cooker hood manufacturer in Italy. The distinctive feature of this brand is the particular specialization, presupposing the launch of cooker hoods only and exclusively for the purpose of creation of the unique product. This vision is represented in the company’s slogan “Falmec. Just cooker hoods”.

One of the main brand’s advantages is the unconventional design that turns a cooker hood into a multifunctional and aesthetically important interior item. For example, the famous models of Mirabilia range with glass lampshade that functions as a luminaire continue to get prizes at international exhibitions. 

Falmec pays attention to the quality of all cooker hood components and uses the best materials for production. Four types of steel provide excellent operational characteristics: AISI 304 – hygiene and corrosion resistance, Fasteel and Stratox – fingerprint and scratch resistance, Brilliant – elegant appearance. Due to advanced development and researches of own design department Falmec presented at the Eurocucina 2012 a revolutionary cooker hood collection E.ion with bipolar controlled ionization technology that not only eliminates bad smells but also purifies air in the kitchen and fills it with ions. E.ion models are also equipped with a new carbon-zeolite filter providing more efficient air filtration.