Built-in home appliances

We offer built-in home appliances which can turn a kitchen into a professional culinary and gastronomic area.

The times when a lot of different appliances were piled up chaotically in the kitchen gradually pass by and the notion of “built-in home appliances” sets in consumers’ mind ever stronger. The only question is that “built-in” is not a synonym for “quality”. We propose to equip your kitchen only with devices of axiomatic quality that demands no proofs. These appliances are intended not only for being useful in operation, they also help to arrange the kitchen in a single style and to use the available space in the best way creating comfortable conditions for cooking and adding a pleasant feeling of exclusivity.

Over 40 years the Barazza family has produced exclusive premium built-in home appliances which perfectly combine the ergonomic design and technological innovations. At present Barazza products are exported to more than 30 countries of the world.

Since 2005 the company represents its collections at the well-known exhibitions in Italy and Germany, winning prizes and getting the best expert grades in categories “design”, “ecological compatibility”, “functionality”, “safety”, “brand’s value”. 

Home appliances launched by Barazza allow you to fully express your individuality in the kitchen. Barazza develops functional kitchen units combining an oven, a cooktop, a kitchen sink, a mixer tap, accessories which form a single style solution. For production of appliances the professional stainless steel AISI 304 with high content of chrome and nickel is used. Such steel is a perfect material for making cooktops, ovens and sinks in terms of durability, hygiene and usability. Using its rich experience in working with steel Barazza creates really unique products.

V-ZUG is a world-known Swiss manufacturer of elite home appliances. The V-ZUG assortment includes such products as steamers, ovens, induction hobs, cooker hoods, dishwashers, microwave ovens, washing and drying machines.

Today the company takes up over 50% of home appliances market in Switzerland. Such popularity is easy to explain by high reliability, particular attention to details and strong desire for innovations and technology perfection. 

From the moment of its foundation the company invests great funds in research and development. As a result they constantly introduce innovations which often have no equivalents in the world. So, V-ZUG owns several world inventions in home appliances production such as the first world oven with a microwave mode, limescale sensor, the first world combi-steamer, steam anti-crease function in home washing machines. V-ZUG manufactures its products with the highest precision implementing fearlessly the technologies which already now anticipate the future. The careful quality control on every production stage and compulsory final testing provide premium Swiss quality.