Cooking equipment and ovens.

We speak about kitchens like about cars: «cooking machines», meaning at least a premium car!

The heart of any car is its motor, its main driving force. The heart and motor of a kitchen, like a car’s motor, is as hot and flaming but it is placed not under a bonnet but in the area of cooking equipment and ovens.

Officine Gullo presents professional premium Italian kitchens which can satisfy not only a real gourmet but a first-class chef as well.

A possibility to build in any kind of home appliances into a kitchen block – barbecue, metal fry-tops with mirror finish preventing food from burning, capacious steam cookers, professional ovens, cooktops (induction and glass-ceramic) and woks – makes Officine Gullo the “heart” of every professional kitchen.

Powerful gas hobs with high heat transfer, cooktops, ovens and other elements of Officine Gullo collection can be realized both on gas and electricity (single- or three-phased). Gas and electric ovens in complexes are equipped with an electronic programmer and a spit. Hobs of all cooking complexes have safety valves and massive cast iron grids. Materials for professional kitchen blocks Officine Gullo are 2 mm thick metal panels with brass hand-forged details, polished copper and silver-plating used for finishing.  

Professional Italian kitchen appliances Steel Cucine is personifying unity of authentic beauty, simplicity of design and multifunctionness. 

This brand’s products can be characterized by a concept of unexceptionable quality of each detail, each block and each project. Steel Cucine aims to 100% recognizability of its products: in smallest details, in choice of fittings, in colour solutions, in professional work of appliances which are unique in terms of quality and ergonomics.

All cookers are made only of stainless steel; skills and technology of its processing have been accumulating in the experience of three generations. Each Steel Cucine cooker is a design solution , a culinary tool with unique flexibility and power. From a huge assortment you can choose that only model that will correspond both your individual needs and your lifestyle in general - either a tiny electric cooktop for a small kitchen or professional appliances for culinary fans.