Luminaires and lighting systems

We sell only those luminaires and lighting systems which not just shine but perfectly illuminate.

Proper interior illumination solves three main tasks: creates necessary and comfortable light level, singles out different area zones, accentuates certain details, supplements design or just adorns the interior. In sales areas and public zones lighting selection is determined by their peculiarity. In this case logic is obvious: by illumination of large areas energy saving criteria prevail over design. In moderate sales rooms – boutiques, galleries, studios, brand stores – elaboration of lighting concept as design element is more actual because here the interior individuality becomes of primary importance. Considering such variety of demands we selected those companies as our partners which permitted to solve every task properly. That’s why products of the German company Hera and the Italian brand Forma e Funzione have appeared in our assortment.

Forma e Funzione is a company that specializes in production of lighting systems for furniture, store fitting, interior design and home appliances and it takes the leading positions in its segment. Forma e Funzione products are well-known in many countries. 

The products of this brand are characterized by elegant and restrained design, thoroughly selected materials and finishing coatings, as well as innovative solutions. One of the first innovative inventions of Forma e Funzione designers was a creation of so-called “light bar” used for illumination of clothes in a wardrobe. 

Product range of Forma e Funzione includes various overboard, underboard and recessed halogen lamps; multifunctional fluorescent lamps; LED lighting systems; luminaires with built-in movement or touch sensors; luminaires for wardrobes with high humidity and many other items. In the company’s catalogue you can find really unique things which allow designers of furniture and interiors to realize even the fanciest ideas: for example, an ISA lamp for a sliding wardrobe with integrated aromatizer and a possibility to choose from fifteen introduced aromas or the unique kitchen lamp Airline with a light diffuser imitating a profile of an airplane wing.

Luminaires and lighting systems of the German company Hera conform to all quality standards and their safety is confirmed by international certificates. The company exports its products to more than 35 countries of the world: fluorescent lamps, halogen, decorative, LED luminaires, decorative shelves with illumination and Futura lighting systems. 

Compactness, low heat transfer, about 8000 operation hours, high level of area illumination with low energy consumption, possibilities of integration into furniture and linear installation make fluorescent luminaires of Hera the ideal solution for illumination of furniture, showcases, counters and exhibition stands. 

Hera halogen systems with matt lenses providing better light distribution and absence of “blinding effect” are widely used for kitchen, bedroom and living room furniture. Hera LED luminaires have almost unlimited lifetime and provide diffused illumination. Decorative luminaires are easily integrated into niches, are ideal for illumination of kitchen worktops, showcases and exhibition stands. Illuminated glass shelves of Hera are an integral part of a kitchen or a bathroom are manufactured with use of tempered glass enduring a load up to 10 kg. The unique creative design is realized in customized Futura lighting systems.