Wine cabinets

We offer only those wine cabinets which provide correct life for wines.

“We all have a deep respect for age, especially when he's in a bottle”. T.Dewar

The main thing in wine is 24 hours after harvest, 24 hours before serving and the whole life spent in a bottle. The first 24 hours are intended for a wine-maker: it’s his chance to “see” what the wine will be and to direct it to the way of true taste. The rest of the time is yours and if you buy wine for your pleasure, it is extremely important to provide those storage conditions which allow the full uncovering of its “soul”: in a wine cellar or… in a Liebherr wine cabinet.

Liebherr wine cabinets provide perfect, the most comfortable conditions for long-term storage and correct cooling of wines.

Wine storage conditions in Liebherr cabinets are the same as the optimal conditions for correct wine storage in a cellar. A wine cabinet can be compared with a good wardrobe where the correct clothes storage allows to keep their attractive appearance for a long time..

Liebherr provides the precise maintenance of humidity level (60-75%) and temperature (in the range from +3 to +26С), a possibility to adjust these settings in all 6 climate zones individually for certain wine type or champagne. Perfect rest conditions of each bottle in a Liebherr wine cabinet are guaranteed through noiseless work of compressors and tightly fitted cherry shelves. A tinted glass door with a special UV filter provides a complete protection of wines from UV rays. The possibilities of Liebherr wine cabinets are not limited only to storage: in multi-temperature and wine storage cabinets you can set the right wine drinking temperature.