Cooling and freezing equipment

We offer professional cooling and freezing equipment that keeps food fresh longer and with higher quality.

The right choice while buying the equipment is based on two main principles: a representative solid quality outside and a well-thought-out comfort inside. Creativity and freshness of food are the main recipes for success in gastronomy. Therefore, the highest quality and reliability requirements are set for professional cooling and freezing equipment. That’s why we chose the products of the German brand Liebherr as the equipment that meets the highest requirements best of all.

Liebherr is the world’s most famous manufacturer of high-quality commercial cooling appliances which not only store but keep the food fresh.

Liebherr provides freshness of food during everyday use in a kitchen, in a bakery, in a restaurant or in a shop. The perfect assembly quality, comfortable operation, thought-out equipment details prove convincingly the advantages of Liebherr appliances.

Liebherr offers the wide range of commercial cooling appliances: freezers, chest freezers, capacious fridge-freezers, wine cabinets. In gastronomy branch fridges and freezers undergo extreme loads: the doors are opened frequently and large amounts of food are put in. The extra durable stainless steel housing, solid door fastening, large net capacity, seamless, easy-to-clean inner liner, smooth temperature adjustment from от +2 °C to +10 °C, automatic defrosting system – all this makes Liebherr appliances indispensable for each professional kitchen, a shop sales area or a bakery.