Home utensils and tableware

We offer goods and tableware for houses where the smallest details play an important role in interior design.

Is there anybody who doesn’t want his home to be comfortable, safe and attractive? Every interior is considered complete if all nuances and details are well thought out and taken into account there – from excellent kitchenware to towel holders in a bathroom.

The product range of tableware and home goods offered by our company includes porcelain and ceramics, cutlery and kitchen knives, accessories for laying the table and interior decoration, kitchenware made of stainless steel with non-stick surface, glass and crystal glassware, tableware for tea and coffee, table textiles and silverware.

Brabantia is a leading European manufacturer of steel household products, long-lasting and functional, designed to serve over the years.

Founded in 1919 in the small Dutch town of Aalst, in the province of Brabant, the company Brabantia invests all its knowledge and years of experience in the development of reliable and durable things, masterfully turning usual home utensils into samples of style and design, quality and durability. 

Today Brabantia is a family business with a huge distribution network all around the world. The company’s products are multipurpose, durable and easy to use. Brabantia is best known for the development of products in five categories: garbage bins, accessories for ironing and drying clothes, cooking and storage of food, and bathroom accessories. The company’s specialists developed special chrome-plated coating with “no fingerprints” feature, that’s why all Brabantia products keep perfect appearance during the whole lifetime. The company's goal is simple and universal - to develop and manufacture products for home that will maintain their beauty and functionality for at least 20 years.

The highest Swiss quality, expressed in a minimalistic style, timeless and functional design that just works – that is Bodum.

Implementing its philosophy, the company Bodum created a system of tea presses, tableware and kitchen accessories that make life easier and more beautiful. “Good design doesn’t have to be expensive”  –  so the main company principle was stated by its founder, Peter Bodum.

As early as in the mid 50's Peter Bodum took up the improvement of that time coffee makers. In 1958 Bodum hit the market with an entirely new product - a vacuum coffee maker Santos. And already in 1974 the Bistro was introduced to the world - the first French press, created by Bodum. It was a real know-how: a combination of simplicity and minimalism in design and superior Swiss quality. Bodum offers the easiest way to make tea or coffee; with French presses of this brand you can do it without distraction from rest and communication. Вodum is something more than just tableware for tea or coffee, it’s a lifestyle – modern, dynamic, unhurried but active, plain but glossy. 

Founded in 1795 in the heart of pottery, the English town of Longton, the company Churchill is a recognized leader of the professional and household porcelain market for over 200 years. 

The best designers of Churchill work on solution of two simultaneous tasks: to stay within the bound of classic style and to go with the times. Churchill is proud to collaborate with such famous brands like  Jamie Oliver, Disney, Flower Fairies, Little Rhymes, Cath Kidston and RHS.

Only the high-quality porcelain mixture and glaze are used in the production of the tableware. A special burning technology Super Vitrified allows achieving such strong sintering of particles of the famous English white clay that porcelain becomes resistant to scratches and chips. The Churchill’s know-how is glazing the whole item – by means of that the lifetime of this brand tableware becomes almost endless. As for painting - it is either absolutely absent or highlights immaculate whiteness of products. The secret of company’s popularity consists in perfect shapes and the highest product quality. 


The French company De Buyer has 180 years of experience in working with metals, and as a result - more than 30 patented inventions and unique products. 

De Buyer supplies yearly over 6 thousand models of elite cookware to such clients like Buckingham Palace (the kitchen of the British Royal Household), the White House (the kitchen of the President of the USA), the Elysee Palace (the kitchen of the President of France), the kitchen of the Japanese Imperial Household etc. 

In the production process De Buyer uses the most advanced technologies and development. This cookware is made "by professionals for professionals". Each stage of the manufacturing of kitchen utensils and accessories is controlled in details. The product range of De Buyer includes vegetable slicers, steel frying pans, non-stick cookware, stainless steel cookware, kitchen accessories, silicone forms, pastry equipment, copper cookware. Both convenience and elegance of lines are taken into account by manufacturing of kitchenware. The shape of the item, the curve of the handles, the gloss allow making a pleasure out of process of cooking.

The history of the French company Emile Henry, which is known today as the manufacturer of qualitative high-strength ceramic cookware, dates back to 1850. 

Emile Henry provides the unique handmade cookware that has been manufacturing exclusively in France in the family-owned enterprise for more than 160 years. A master personally checks and signs every item made by him with his initials that is the guarantee of the highest quality of this brand cookware.

The range of products manufactured by the company today is quite wide: oven cookware, tableware, bakeware, kitchenware, as well as forms for snacks. Emile Henry uses natural clay, a natural and noble material, in the production of its goods. Respecting the traditions of clay cookware manufacturing, Emile Henry introduced technological improvements and developed the unique, ultra-strong material Ceradon, which improves the properties of traditional pottery, making it more resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks. The company was the first to create a ceramic pot for cooking on an open fire.

The German brand Kaiser Backform that dates from 1919 got the world-wide recognition on the metal cookware market due to production of the first springform pans. 

In 2002 the company launched a new square pan that was second to none at that time, and in 2006 it created first baking forms with non-stick surface that protected metal from corrosion and facilitated the use and maintenance of the products.

Kaiser Backform items are manufactured from thin steel sheets and have good heat-conducting properties, heat up evenly and keep their consumer features for a long time. It is possible also due to the strict quality control – a multistep test for durability, usability and functionality that all Kaiser Backform products pass before they appear on shop shelves. The brand assortment also provides a complete range of baking accessories including special sets for kids which allow the young cooks taking part in the cooking process.


The company Peugeot has no equal in manufacturing of accessories for table setting. 

The recognizable logo of the company with the image of a lion appeared in 1850, exactly then the history of Peugeot has begun. The king of beasts symbolized the perfect quality of mechanisms and devices Peugeot: tooth durability, blade flexibility and cutting speed.

Today Peugeot offers the following range of kitchen products: mechanical and electric mills for salt, pepper, spices, coffee; wine accessories. One of the strengths of the mills range manufactured by Peugeot is a specially designed mechanism for each kind of spices (pepper, salt, spices, coffee and even nutmeg). All mechanisms have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Wine accessories from Peugeot are conditionally divided into four main groups: tools for opening, table serving and preservation of open bottles (corkscrews, drop catchers, chillers, pumps, corks); tools for disclosure of flavors (decanters, carafes, coasters, aerators, filters, etc.); degustation plates (glasses); accessories (wine-scented candles, wine books, wine-taster book).

Over 250 years Riedel produces the world’s best professional wine glasses and decanters: refined and delightful, conceptual and functional, revealing the innermost secrets of noble drinks. 

Riedel made a revolution in the world of glass production by creation of the first world’s glass with a shape determined by wine features. Exactly the shape of a glass is responsible for quality and intensity of wine flavor combining its aroma, taste, colour and individuality.

The company Riedel is a family-owned business managed by already the twelfth generation of the Riedel family. Today the company produces the wide assortment of products – glasses for hedonistic enjoyment from wines, professional tastings and refined glass series for a family dinner. Riedel glasses reveal the wine aroma, taste, balance and aftertaste in the best possible way. Riedel is the most famous brand in the hand-made production of glass and crystal glassware (Sommeliers series). For wine connoisseurs the company presents more affordable mechanically-made series.

Rosenthal is a personification of expertise in production of tableware and accessories with design reflecting current trends in the table serving culture. 

Innovations and traditions form a fertile ground that is a source of ideas for Rosenthal. Rosenthal is a synonym for luxury, lifestyle and special aesthetic feeling. This name belongs to items which are integral parts of modern interiors and refined table serving.

During its whole history the company cooperated with over 1000 designers, artists, architects and couturiers. All products are manufactured in Germany from porcelain and glass of the highest quality, precious metals are used for decoration. All lines represented by Rosenthal, whether it is Rosenthal Classic or Hutschenreuther, are made in strict accordance with the idea created by the author, designer or couturier – from refined elegant sets for celebration of traditional family occasions, weddings, official events to “cosy” homelike tableware for every day. Today the Rosenthal products are represented in 97 countries of the world.     

The world's most popular bone china Royal Albert is a combination of amazing quality, natural beauty and unique decor in a traditional British style. 

The Royal Albert’s success is based mostly on its important connection with the royal family: in 1897 the company produced the memorable collection of items Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. The brand got the “Royаl” prefix in 1901 when it was honoured with a royal patent from Edward II, King of England. 

The Royal Albert porcelain includes not only wonderful tea things but also luxurious coffee sets and tableware as well as various statuettes, miniatures and incomparable interior items. The delightful fine floral motifs and authentic English style made the Royal Albert porcelain recognizable and different from other English brands. The porcelain is often generously decorated with gold that is used both for application of main pattern and as an additional element, for example, for edge painting. Today the brand Royal Albert affiliates with a known WWRD Holdings Limited that is the largest world supplier of luxurious chinaware and serving items. 

The excellent English porcelain in classic British style – this is the synonym of Royal Doulton in the whole world. Royal Doulton is the national heritage of Great Britain, a symbol of authentic royal luxury.

In 1901 the company got the patent right from Edward II of England to bear the majestic prefix “Royal” – the supplier of His Majesty’s court. Since then the Royal Doulton tableware has been being the main adornment of the Buckingham Palace that is always present on tables of the royal residences. 

For almost 200 years the British company Royal Doulton has been being a world leader in manufacturing of unsurpassed quality goods made from bone china. It proudly supplies its products to 5-star hotels, famous restaurants, palaces and government authorities all over the world. The Royal Doulton tableware is known for its classic beauty and diversity: table, tea and coffee sets, statuettes, animal figurines, collections of tableware and gifts for kids, vases, handmade crystal and more. Royal Doulton will satisfy the needs of any home, from the minimalist traditions of cozy cottages to the luxury of palaces. 

The Schott Zwiesel products are the perfect combination of refined shape designed considering the nuances of one or another drink and advanced production technologies which make the tableware of this brand extremely durable.

The company products are deemed to be the quality standard for such famous international hotel chains as “Kempinski”, “Sheraton”, “Marriott”, “Renaissance” and “Radisson” because the most important advantage of Schott Zwiesel is a price-quality ratio.

The largest plant that specializes in the production of crystal glassware Schott Zwiesel is located in Germany, in Zwiesel. The origins go back to the company's founding in 1872. The real know-how of Schott Zwiesel is the invention of a brand new, impact-resistant material for glass manufacture - Tritan, where titanium oxide is used instead of lead oxide. The current product range offered by Schott Zwiesel is wide: glasses, wine glasses, shots, decanters and even candle holders. Schott Zwiesel’s crystal is extremely durable, environmentally friendly and exceptionally clear. It does not lose its shine under any circumstances and external influence.

The history of the company Silit is almost the century-long history of kitchenware manufacturing from the highest quality stainless steel with use of unique patented technologies providing cooking pleasure.

The main working principle of Silit production is the environmental protection. The great attention is paid to that the products are comfortable, healthy and environmentally safe. Silit cooks only healthy food.

Today the Silit assortment includes pans, pressure cookers, frying pans, fondue sets, woks, cutlery and accessories for spices. The company always extends the range of kitchen accessories, developing and adding a variety of new attractive and practical items. An innovative extra-strong material Silargan created by Silit revolutionized the world of cooking. Silargan made the cooking process easier and more convenient, and the food - healthier and tastier. The alloy composition used for Silit kitchenware production is absolutely free of harmful nickel and consists of only high-quality materials and ecologically safe raw stock. 

The Irish company Waterford is the leading world manufacturer of premium crystal glassware for over two centuries. 

The most famous persons of the present and the previous centuries considered it an honour to purchase the products of this brand. Each American president of the second half of XX century had Waterford crystal. Exactly Waterford was given an honour of making goblets for such special occasions as inaugurations of the USA presidents. Also it received many government orders for design of awards for eminent sportsmen and actors worldwide.  

The classic design of Waterford items is timeless, this crystal glassware is always at the very height of fashion. The Waterford assortment includes the most refined products: excellent hand-made crystal glasses, vases, luminaires, chandeliers and various present sets designed and manufactured according to the highest standards. Waterford has become synonymous with the highest quality crystal that is collected by collectors and connoisseurs all around the world. The company cooperates with the most renowned fashion designers and couturiers including John Rocha and Jasper Conran.

The brand name Wedgwood - the most impressive British manufacturer of porcelain – has been synonymous with beauty, craftsmanship and innovation since 1759. 

The combination of elegant beauty, the best craftsmanship with unique technologies and innovations created an aura of aristocratic grandeur around Wedgwood products The British royal family, Catherine the Great, Theodore Roosevelt were the company's customers at various times.  

Among discoveries and innovative developments of Wedgwood the following should be pointed out first of all: creation of black basalt items and the unique formula of jasperware. The most remarkable jasper product is a copy of the famous Portland Vase that became later a Wedgwood’s hallmark. Wedgwood cooperates actively with the best artists and designers all over the world that’s why its items are always distinguished by inimitable author’s design and quality of decorative finish. Today Wedgwood factory is the most popular British manufacturer in its branch. The Wedgwood family’s traditions continue to be implemented in production methods, unique design, unsurpassed craftsmanship and the highest tableware quality.

The German trademark Winkler is a excellent combination of long-standing production traditions and modern tendencies implemented in creation of stylish home textile. 

Following and adapting the latest fashion tendencies, Winkler creates original collections of home textile, where decorative elements of each individual accessory are unique and inimitable.

Founded in 1892 the company Winkler specialized in production of high-quality textile from the very start of its business activity. Today the brand Winkler follows the long-time tradition and continues the active production of sophisticated, sometimes extravagant table textile that is known worldwide for over 120 years for its unsurpassed quality, original and at the same time uncomplicated design. The Winkler products - kitchen towels, aprons, table clothes, pot holders etc. - are made of high-quality, 100% natural materials by a professional team of stylists and designers . All materials, colours, motifs perfectly match each other, creating a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. 

The leading German company situated in Solingen that during 200 years specializes in production of forged knives and accessories for home and professional use. Wuesthof is a worldwide symbol of quality and safety.

The German city Solingen has been called “the city of knives” from the earliest times because exactly here the legendary company Wuesthof is situated since 1814. Its three fundamental principles are irreproachable shape, functionality and unsurpassed quality of manufactured products.

The German company Wuesthof is one of the 5 world leaders in production of forged knives. The knives underwent over 50 operations from forging to polishing, and are forged from a single alloy - chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel. This alloy gives the products special strength, hardness, brilliance and beauty, high corrosion and oxidation resistance and excellent cutting properties. Easy-to-use and ergonomic knife handle is designed so that a cook’s hands stay safe. The secret lies in an integral part of a forged knife - a bolster that provides balance between a handle and a blade. The upper protective layer of a handle is made of a high-quality plastic that is firmly secured with metal rivets. Wuesthof offers a huge variety of knife collections made in more than 120 styles both for professional and home use.

Zwiesel 1872  presents unique hand-made crystal glassware, superior products for drinks and refined accessories of the highest quality.

Zwiesel 1872 has many years of experience in exceptionally hand-made glassware production. All Zwiesel 1872 products keep the hand warmth of their creators, are permeated with creative process and convey special feelings and sentiments being unique and inimitable.

The passion of the best glassblowers together with creative skills of the leading designers make the brand really unique. The product range of the brand is extremely wide: there are various wine glasses, decanters, jugs, present sets and decorative accessories. Zwiesel 1872 pays fine attention to details – it’s a difference that everybody feels and notices. Special glass shapes designed by renowned sommeliers allow to perceive all the finest nuances of wine flavour, colour and aroma of to the full extent. Special design of decanters with a Drop Protect function that prevents wine from dropping on tablecloth and many other thought-out details - that is certainly Zwiesel 1872.

The English brand Joseph Joseph is the world leader in production of stylish kitchenware with original author’s design that not only turns the everyday cooking into real pleasure but also makes the food storage much easier. 

The company was founded in 2003 by twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph who joined their experience in design and business conduction and created a brand that is today extremely successful all over the world. 

The products manufactured under this trademark are an example of a perfect combination of author’s style and functionality; the most kitchen tools Joseph Joseph are unique and certified. The product range includes a variety of unconventional and carefully thought-out items like ladles and salad spoons with a small rib preventing a table from stains, multi-purpose ergonomic paddles, skimmers, construction colanders, unusual innovative foldable cutting boards, comfortable bowls and functional accessories for laying the table etc. All kitchenware is bright, colourful, made of high-quality materials. Joseph Joseph is a decoration and cheerful “mood” of every kitchen.

Microplane is a world-known brand, the leader in production of the world’s sharpest high-quality graters for different kinds of food as well as other useful kitchen accessories and tools.

Microplane is a American family-owned company that was founded by brothers Richard and Jeff Grace. The unique graters of this brand are deserved leaders of different culinary ratings. 

All Microplane products are manufactured in the US plants. The unique, extremely sharp blade made of durable carbon steel never gets blunted and is patented in the USA and Canada. All kinds of food being grated on Microplane graters don’t turn into a pulp but into nice cuttings. Besides various graters of different shapes and configuration the product range of the company includes durable technical mills, protective gloves (indispensable item while working with sharp things), slicers, vegetable cutters etc. All Microplane tools are extremely comfortable and useful, designed for the most convenient and efficient work in a kitchen.