Sinks and mixers

We offer to create a comfortable professional center in your kitchen instead of a banal dishwashing zone.

The most usable place in a kitchen is situated in a sink area. It is directly enabled in cooking process that’s why care and hygiene are of primary importance. A sink must keep its aesthetic and consumer qualities during the whole lifetime of kitchen suite that means that it must be made of the most durable materials and working procedures should run in the most ergonomic way. Basing on these criteria and considering development prospects of sink market in general we have selected for distribution the products of leading European brands – Blanco, Foster, Plados, as well as a leader of American market, ТМ Kohler.

“High quality in every segment” – so the philosophy of the German company BLANCO can be defined that is a leading manufacturer of sinks, mixer taps, their components and accessories, waste separation systems and space organizing systems.

Before leaving the plant, every unit is strictly tested against set quality standards. Great attention is paid to tap details which contact with water. A special BLANCO division monitors the compliance with all demands for creation of a reference product. 

The company is a creator of own developments in sink production. The patented material Silgranit PuraDur II is a “precious stone for kitchen” and possesses unique water- and dirt-repellant features. Ceramic Blanco sinks are resistant to any household acids and high temperatures: extra durability is achieved due to unique production technology: firing under very high pressure. Blanco sinks of stainless steel AISI 304 don’t produce typical noise and don’t change their shape. Sink-matching Blanco mixers have ceramic cartridges and can be made with chrome or stainless steel spraying or be painted to match sink colour. All Blanco mixer taps are supplied with mechanical dirt filters which prevent leakages and significantly extend the unit’s lifetime.

The Italian brand Plados is used since 1991 for production of high-quality kitchen sinks with an option of installation of a food waste disposer. The brand catalogue also includes a wide range of mixer taps and accessories which can be selected according to design and colour solution of a sink. 

Plados is a first manufacturer of sinks with active antibacterial protection Microstop that prevents spread of microorganisms which can provoke mould, stains or bad smells.

For sink production 6 kinds of composite materials are used with a wide colour palette for each of them (over 60). High percentage of quartz and granite crystals (over 70-80%) in Ultrаquartz, Granit, MicroUltragranit materials provides an extraordinary resistance to hits, wear, heat and dirt. The Ultrametal composite perfectly matches stainless steel home appliances, is extra resistant to scratches and temperature shocks. Ultravitro that contains glass microparticles is hygienic and durable. Naturstone with particles of corundum (semiprecious natural stone) keeps ideal sink colour throughout its lifetime. Plados mixer taps with “АА” marking are equipped with an Aquasave device that ensures the lowest energy consumption. The Semplifix system simplifies and quickens the process of installation or replacement of a tap.