Small home appliances

Small home appliances – for extremely important home work.

A modern man strives to fill his life with remarkable interesting events and against their background the daily work is done with simple, automatic actions. Every day, almost without thinking, we press buttons and turn knobs, operate appliances with touch panels or remote controls which allow us having free time for really important things. 

Besides practical functions, small home appliances chosen by specialists of our company let you following an absolutely new modern trend – to be a professional manager of own hobbies. In other words, if you like cooking, you should better know the distinctive cuisine nuances of French regions than practice day-to-day traditional methods of cutting vegetables. Because the first is your inspiration, and the second is a work for appliances made by Cuisinart, Graef and WMF.

Over 40 years the world-known brand Cuisinart® has been producing a whole range of small home appliances – from food processors and multicookers to yoghurt and ice cream makers – which allow both amateur cooks and famous chefs to express their creativity to the fullest.

The famous chef Paul Bocuse is the ambassador for our brand. He has been awarded with 3 Michelin stars, he is one of the founders of a “new cuisine” that focuses on quality and naturalness of food as well as low-calorie dishes. 

Each Cuisinart® appliance is developed in close collaboration between leading engineers and eminent chefs and combines innovation, performance and ergonomics. The first food processor was represented in America in 1973 as a quick and easy way to prepare tasty and healthy food. Then the Cuisinart® product range was supplemented with kettles and coffee makers, blenders and juicers, steam cookers and soup makers, toasters, bread makers, grills and barbecues. These appliances are made from high-quality materials and have a variety of useful functions. They can handle even the hardest tasks and prepare several dishes simultaneously.

Graef is a family-owned company that over 50 years has been a leader in slicer production – devices for ideal slicing of cheese, sausage, bread and other food.


In process of development the company supplemented its assortment of small home appliances for making breakfast which are mainly characterized by functionality, thought-out details, reliability and modern minimalist design.

Graef slicers differ in dimensions and performance, they have a possibility to cut food manually and in perfect slices of different thickness (0-15 mm). Graef produces also coffee grinders of high quality stainless steel with conical grinding mechanism that prevents coffee from loosing its aroma; kettles with electronic temperature control; milk frothers (for cold and warm milk) with stainless steel housing, double walls and non-stick surface; toasters with heat insulated housing, defrost function, soft-lift and extra-lift mechanism for toast removal, detachable stainless steel crumb tray. All Graef appliances are created for comfortable and enjoyable breakfast making.