Washing machines

Washing machines that should be sold in boutiques.

We present washing machines which wash ski suits in the best way. As well as delicate dresses haut couture. With the same efficiency they wash down jackets, bed covers and fine linen. Famous branded clothes and linen with family monogram embroidered by grandma, as well as modern membrane materials with impregnation and vintage textiles are treated with the same care. That means – with Swiss quality.

Unexceptionable innovative power combined with Swiss premium quality – this is V-ZUG.

Being always ahead instead of keeping step is a motto of the company V-ZUG. The difference between washing and drying machines of V-ZUG and appliances of other brands is so great that it can be compared, for example, with a difference between buying in a supermarket and in a boutique for exclusive Swiss watches.  

The size, form and location of drum openings in V-ZUG washing machines are controlled by a highly sensitive sensor with a precious ruby ball providing the even laundry moistening and gentle washing of the most delicate clothes. With unique steam anti-crease program you can absolutely forget about ironing in most cases and the unprecedented Vibration Absorbing System provides the maximum possible quietness during washing. Special programs in V-ZUG washing machines are designed for people with sensitive skin and babies. Another useful solution helps to fight the dust mites. Drying the laundry in V-ZUG dryers makes woolen, silk and other less delicate clothes soft and fluffy without using special fabric conditioners.