Fridges and freezers

We sell only those fridges which preserve food, not merely store it.

For storage of food you can choose any fridge. But in order to keep food fresh cooling appliances must have special features. Every detail of such fridge is designed to maintain required temperature and humidity precisely and constantly, to provide optimal conditions for storage of different types of food, to make the process of food placement in a fridge (including large food pieces) comfortable for users. Only few manufacturers of cooling appliances can provide these and other conditions responsible for freshness retention. And our company represents in Ukrainian market only those brands which products are reference in cooling/freezing appliances sector.

For almost 60 years the Liebherr fridges and freezers are the high-technology embodiment of German quality and the company itself is an undoubted leader that sets tends in the cooling equipment market so brilliantly and strongly that brand innovations are often borrowed by other manufacturers. 

Exactly Liebherr was the first who created the Biofresh technology allowing not only to extend the storage term of food but also to keep it fresh due to maintenance of optimal temperature and humidity level. 

The legendary energy-saving feature of Liebherr appliances with energy efficiency classes from A+ to А+++ is provided due to use of  high-performance cooling systems and advanced electronics. Innovative technologies NoFrost and SmartFrost ensure quality freezing of food with minimal frost and ice formation so you will defrost your fridge much less frequently. Smart touch control MagicEye provides the possibility to set the temperature accurate to a degree. External appearance and inner liner equipment comply with cutting-edge design tendencies that is proved by numerous Red Dot Awards. The Liebherr catalog includes freestanding and built-in models of table-height and upright fridges, chest freezers and upright freezers, fridge-freezers with top or bottom mount freezer and Side-by-Side combinations.

Major appliances produced under the Italian brand Fhiaba combine reliability and efficiency of commercial equipment. The range of Fhiaba appliances includes about 100 various models of integrated, built-in and freestanding first-class fridges.

Strict and laconic shapes, stainless steel for external and internal finish of appliances, advanced storage technologies make Fhiaba an indispensable and the most desirable assistant in a professional and stylish kitchen.

Efforts of the company are concentrated so that every fridge should be an individual embodiment of its owner’s lifestyle. Standard equipment of Fhiaba fridges includes only premium technologies e.g. digital display with interactive menu Fhiaba Access, fully functional automatic defrosting system TotalNoFrost, ventilation function ProVent, LED lighting and a TriMode system of individual selection of operating mode for bottom drawers (Fridge, Fresco or Freezer). Customers can adjust the filling of interior space of a fridge themselves by combining the amount and placement of shelves and drawers.

The distinctive feature of this brand is the use of approaches and production technologies of commercial equipment while keeping dimensions of home appliances.

Steel is the unique company that uses the cutting-edge technologies and the most innovative solutions for its products giving a customer a pleasant possibility to concentrate on design choice presented in different, sometimes even incredible colours. 

All Steel appliances are made of high-quality stainless steel and are equipped with advanced technologies for professional cooling and freezing of food. Each fridge can be both an individual solution for a thought-out interior and a part of an entire complex of Steel kitchen appliances including the classic series Ascot, a modern collection Genesi and a designer line Sintesi. Dimensions are identical for all models: 900 x 670 x 1980 mm. Eight colour solutions allow to select the right appliance matching with a kitchen interio