Coffee machines

The world’s second best-selling product after oil is coffee. 

The best coffee is that one that you like. And three simple components – water, sort or blend of coffee and, the most important, the coffee machine – should be precisely “tuned in” to the owner’s taste. Among the variety of offers from brands producing excellent equipment we have selected coffee machines of the Italian company Nivona, аs well as German appliances of WMF and Graef. Though each of these manufacturers offers its own approach to making coffee, technically realized in automatic machines and machines with portafilters, the common ideas for all of them are the highest attention to every detail, thorough choice of materials, precise and checked technical calculations of mechanisms which allow you making exactly that kind of coffee that you like. 

The Swiss brand NIVONA is a leader in the development and manufacturing of fully automatic coffee machines. Owing to the strong improvement desire the company always moves forward that’s why, having launched one generation of coffee machines, the NIVONA specialists begin to update the next models. 

The brand's concept based on establishment of emotional connection with a customer lies in the slogan – "passion for coffee." The goal of the company is to provide a minimum of human’s participation in preparation process and to give its clients a maximum of satisfaction from each cup of coffee. 

The launch of products under the NIVONA brand provides something more than just functional equipment. The unique Aromatica system allows to reveal a delicate taste and natural aroma of the best coffee beans. Thanks to dynamic brewing chamber less bitterness gets into your coffee. Once the beans have been ground, the ground coffee is compressed in the brewing chamber before  being swirled around by boiling water – thus releasing more delicious coffee aroma. So you get a milder, better tasting and more aromatic coffee. One of the innovative NIVONA developments is the Spumatore function that allows making excellent milk froth or hot water for tea directly in a cup by a single touch and without any additional accessories. The cleaning starts after touching a button: NIVONA coffee machines have built-in automatic programs which regularly remove scale and coffee oil residues.

Coffee machines manufactured by the German company Graef that is better known for the production of household and professional slicers, are distinguished by compact dimensions, traditional, classic design that underlines the kitchen style and wide possibilities of use which allow you to prepare coffee at home like a professional. 

The Graef espresso machines have comfortable control. The guaranteed long lifetime is provided due to reliable mechanisms being used; innovative programs and functions ensure the highest comfort and ease of use. 

Coffee-lovers choose Graef machines because they provide a possibility to prepare beverages by own recipe setting the desired temperature and water amount. The equipment advantages of the Graef coffee machines include separate thermoblock heaters, energy-saving mode, self-cleaning program, 360° rotatable milk froth attachment, measuring scale, removable water tank with filling level indicator. The housing is made from high-quality metals – stainless steel and aluminium. The warranty term for all products makes up 2-10 years. According to a level of financial welfare the Graef company ranks among such rich and famous companies like Mercedes, Falke, Melitta, Braun. 

Along with kitchenware and small home appliances the WMF company specializes in production of coffee machines, both for home and for commercial use. The production exists since 1955 and is situated in the territory of Germany providing 100% quality and durability.

Multifunctional automatic coffee machines produced under WMF brand allow to prepare easily any gourmet coffee beverage - whether it is espresso, coffee cream, latte, cappuccino or simple milk coffee - by a touch of a button. 

Domestic WMF coffee machines equal the commercial models in functional equipment. Among their main advantages there are a professional system of coffee preparation with programmable temperature and pre-brewing function; patented WMF Connect & Clean system for rinsing a milk froth jet; automatic programs for rinsing and cleaning. Exclusive WMF Steam Jet function heats up a cup in several seconds. A professional coffee grinder provides a precise grind setting. The WMF Zero Energy function has 4 energy-saving modes. Moreover, these coffee machines allow you to set individually the strength and amount of a beverage, as well as milk amount.