Audio/ video equipment

Audio/ video equipment and speaker systems that impress both the immature music lovers and the experienced audiophiles

The concepts of Hi-Fi and Hi-End became a part of everyday life, even for those people who are far from professional audio systems. The audio devices are surely purchased with a Hi-Fi label that means that the playback sound is very close to the original. If audio devices are selected for a playback that corresponds to a high quality of life, they definitely belong to Hi-End class: the so-called exclusive expensive audio equipment with non-traditional and non-standard solutions.

Acoustic Energy is a rapidly developing world brand in the production market of Hi End speaker systems that appeared in Great Britain in 1987.

In 1988 Acoustic Energy produced the first series of professional studio monitors АЕ1 which won a good reputation among professional musicians and sound directors for their sound features. In 1991 and 1992 АЕ1 was titled as “The best speaker system” according to British Hi-Fi Award. 

In 1995 Acoustic Energy began to work up a market of home audio equipment. Soon the company formed a strategic alliance with major manufacturers and sellers of electronics located in the South-East Asia and that made it possible to expand the range of Hi-Fi products. That collaboration resulted in cheap but high-quality speaker systems designed for audiophiles and home cinema enthusiasts. Successful models of recent years became the basis for a significant increase in sales and popularity of Acoustic Energy worldwide. Today speaker systems, subwoofers and acoustic sets of this company are presented in more than 50 countries.

Boston Acoustics is the leading company in production of high-quality professional speaker systems implementing computer-aided design both for home and car audio. 

The sound of Boston has already become a legend. The proprietary, recognizable Boston Sound is the most natural sound, smooth octave-to-octave tonal balance and deep bass. Any product with the Boston Acoustics logo means not only traditional American sound but also a real American assembly which guarantees the quality and reliability of all components. 

In 1983 Boston Acoustics launched the first car audio products in the world. Today the production of car audio systems and amplifiers is as important as the production of home models. Aiming to expand its activity area Boston recently started production of its own home AV-electronics. Within сar audio direction Boston Acoustics works in the after-market and OEM sphere. The company engineers use advanced computer-aided design techniques to obtain maximum efficiency and accuracy of design development. 


The history of Hi-End would be impossible without the company Denon - one of the leading manufacturers of professional audio and video equipment, the founder of digital audio record and playback technology.

The uniqueness of the company is that it pays equal attention to the improvement of recording and playback equipment and audio recording process itself. Today the Denon name has become synonymous with a stunning, deeply impressive picture and an amazingly detailed and powerful surrounding sound.

Already in 1951 Denon was the first Japanese audio equipment manufacturer to commence sales of famous gramophone records, and in 1972 it introduced the world's first long-playing records with a digital recording. Today the company continues to develop professional and consumer CD-, MD-, DVD-players and recorders, cassette decks, vinyl record players, amplifiers, tuners, tonearms, player pickups as well as car audio equipment and systems. Denon is also the one of the world leading manufacturers of home cinema equipment. The atmosphere created by any Denon product symbolizes the inwardness of natural sound and the embodiment of the pure beauty. 

Mission is the world giant in development of Hi-Fi speaker systems and audio equipment for home cinema which enjoy confidence of professionals. 

The speaker systems of this company are impossible to confuse as Mission products have always been famous for their own unique sound and corporate design. The culmination of the long-term experience was the Pilastro line, an uncompromising project that is one of the best speaker systems in the history of audio.

In 1978 Mission Electronics launched a revolutionary product – acoustic speakers of the 770 series with the world's first industrial polypropylene cone. In the 1990s the brand Mission acquired an international fame and became synonymous with high-quality audio throughout the world. All products manufactured by Mission Electronics, whether loudspeakers for stereo systems or home cinema speakers, precisely create the surrounding sound atmosphere. Due to large investments and resources of the company it is safe to say that Mission will continue to set world standards for production of the best audio equipment and speaker systems.