On April 14 - 16, 2014 the cult event for all professionals and key persons of restaurant & hotel business of Ukraine – the international spring forum RestoPraktiki – took place in the Kiev restaurant Beef Myaso&Vino”. Traditionally, its partner was the Mirs Corporation.

The most crucial and vital questions concerning restaurant & hotel business have always been discussed within the international forum RestoPraktiki. That’s why the main topic of current spring RestoPraktiki was the question that worried all market professionals without exception – how the crisis should be managed and how to stay afloat and to adapt to new life realities. 

According to the main forum topic the Mirs Corporation presented the unique program – “Anti-crisis sale”. The goal of that program was to satisfy the complete demand of HoReCa establishments for high-quality commercial tableware and accessories of the world-known European brands under crisis conditions.


What is RestoPraktiki?

  • A place where the restaurant experience und knowledge of Ukrainian, Russian, British and other professionals of restaurant & hotel business are concentrated.
  • Three days of lively informative lectures from legendary restaurateurs-practitioners.
  • Presentation of new restaurants and useful advice from market-leading restaurants.
  • New experience and exchange of knowledge.
  • A possibility to learn the latest HoReCa trends in the course of lively natural communication.
  • New useful contacts and plenty of positive emotions and energy.

The Mirs Corporation that is the exclusive representative of Liebherr™ in the territory of Ukraine for more than 17 years gives now the unique possibility to buy the legendary German appliances online.

The only official Liebherr Internet shop in Ukraine – – with full assortment of cooling & freezing appliances both for home and commercial use is already open. You can do your online shopping comfortably, quickly, with high service quality and, the most important, directly from the official supplier.

Only here you can get:

  • complete product range of cooling & freezing Liebherr appliances;
  • official manufacturer’s guarantee for the whole assortment;
  • possibility to buy as soon as possible any model you like from the online Liebherr catalogue without leaving home;
  • warranty and post-warranty service in official certified service centers;
  • professional consultations;
  • delivery service in the whole territory of Ukraine.

On November 8, 2013 the first gala ceremony of the SALT Restaurant Awards – the main professional event of the year for Ukrainian restaurant business – took place at the InterContinental Kyiv Hotel. MIRS Corporation was the official partner of the Award.


About the Award

The SALT Restaurant Awards is the first national restaurant Ukrainian award. This is the professional award based on the expert and consumer opinion that highlights and evaluates the best restaurants in the country and helps them receive public recognition. The founder and organizer of the Award is HOTELIERO® Club of hoteliers and restaurateurs.

This year one of the DeBuyer pans was selected as a prize by the event organizers. DeBuyer is a well-known French manufacturer of the best kitchenware. The official distributor of DeBuyer in Ukraine is MIRS Corporation.Now the pans with a commemorative engraving "SALT" will be an integral interior part of each restaurant-winner of the SALT Award this year.


According to official results the SALT Awards 2013 went to:

• The best coffee restaurant – «Світ кави» (Svit Kavy), Lvov.


• The best fish restaurant – «Катран» (Katran), Odessa.

• The best Ukrainian cuisine restaurant – «Хуторок у моря» (Khutorok u morya), Odessa.

• The restaurant with the best wine card – «Пантагрюэль» (Pantagruel), Kiev.

• The best meat restaurant – «BEEF. Мясо и вино» (BEEF. Myaso i vino), Кiev.

• The best national cuisine restaurant — «ПушкинЪ» (Pushkin), Donetsk.

• The best beer restaurant – «Старгород» (Stargorod), Kharkov.

• The best local cuisine restaurant – «Криївка» (Kryivka), Lvov.

In November 2013 the Mirs Corporation took part in the Restaurant Expo exhibition. According to its results Mirs was awarded with a diploma for the best product presentation at the exhibition stand. “Restaurant Expo” is one of the most impressive exhibitions that is a part of an integral project “International Expoforum of Restaurant and Hotel Business and Cleaning (FoReCH)”. 

We are grateful to all visitors, clients and partners for attention and interest to our products.

About the Forum

International Expoforum of Restaurant and Hotel Business and Cleaning (FoReCH) is a leading event in the sphere of restaurant and hotel business of Ukraine, the most striking autumn occasion for people engaged in the hospitality industry. This project is a unique connecting link between manufacturers, suppliers, chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers of Ukraine and foreign countries. The Forum is divided into several exhibitions: “Restaurant Expo”, “Modern Hotel”, “Restaurant Prod Expo”, “World of Glass & Tableware”, “Vending Expo Kiev”, “Kiev Clean Expo”, “Wine Fest” and “Modern Spa&Wellness Hotel”. Each of these exhibitions provides its participants and visitors a possibility to assess the status and development prospects of all constituent parts of the HoReCa sector in Ukraine.

As the exclusive Riedel distributor in Ukraine, the Mirs Corporation provided an opportunity for all wine connoisseurs to attend the famous wine tasting show "Glasses and wine" that was conducted by the actual owner of the Riedel company, Georg Riedel.

Similar events which dispel the traditional ideas about wine are mostly held by Riedel ambassadors but on September 16, 2013 the company’s owner conducted the wine tasting personally in the conference hall "Ballroom" of the Hyatt Regency Kiev Hotel. Besides fascinating show with glasses and wine the uniqueness of this event consisted first of all in the fact that it was unfortunately the last Mr. Riedel’s official visit to Ukraine because in the nearest future the company will be headed by his son, Maximilian.

The comparative wine tasting was carried out with glasses of Vinum XL series that includes several types of glasses having the “fine feeling” of every drink they are designed for: Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, champagne, cocktails and  Martini. All the guests were offered to experience an influence of different types of glasses on perception of three different wine sorts  by example of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon и Shiraz.

However the event began with the tasting of simple water. It clearly showed how different glass shapes created and directed the liquid’s flow to different tongue zones. Right from that moment the wine tasting once fairly called "mystic breathtaking sight" justified completely that definition. One and the same water poured into glasses for Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz revealed absolutely different taste qualities. Only in a glass for Cabernet Sauvignon that had the widest mouth compared with glasses for  Pinot Noir and Shiraz the water stream washed the largest area of oral cavity touching all receptors that’s why being the most tasty and even sweet.

With respect to wine actually all the participants of the tasting noticed absolutely clearly that for example the Pinot Noir wine, famous for its complex “multilayer” bouquet, revealed its striking multifaceted taste exactly in the glass for Pinot Noir. Only in that glass its top fruit nuances were felt which were absolutely imperceptible in glasses for Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

During the tasting it was also noticed that sometimes even a simple plastic cup could better convey the wine taste qualities than the finest but wrongly chosen glass. For example, the wonderful Shiraz “tuned” much better in a plain plastic cup that in a Cabernet Sauvignon glass. All that confirmed again the basic theory of the Riedel company – “The content commands the shape. Not the glass itself is important but it’s right choice.

On September 16, 2013 the world-famous unique wine tasting "Glasses and wine" will take place in the conference hall "Ballroom" of the Hyatt Regency Kiev Hotel. This event that will be appreciated both by experienced critics and novice wine connoisseurs has received a correct definition "a mystic breathtaking sight".

Why cannot professional sommeliers discern the difference between red and white wines? Is it possible to pour cold and warm wine from one and the same bottle? How can dry wine's acidity be turned into light sweetness? Why do wine's taste and smell from one and the same bottle develop absolutely differently in different glasses? On September 16, 2013, in the unique wine tasting "Glasses and wine" you can get answers to these questions and, the most important, personal, almost mystic impressions.

Similar events which dispel the traditional ideas about wine are held by Riedel ambassadors and in rare cases only – by the owner of the Riedel company, Georg Josef Riedel, personally. In the nearest future the company will be headed by his son, Maximilian, that is why Georg Riedel does not intend personal carrying out of tastings in Ukraine and this event becomes unique.

Traditionally during the tasting the participants have a possibility, relying on personal feelings, to make sure of the truth of the main Riedel invention – wine taste perception depends on glass form.

The form of each Riedel glass is designed so that wine flows to certain tongue taste zones. As a result, the taste perception becomes the most striking. The feeling contrast by tasting from Riedel glasses and, for example, from typical Joker glasses is so amazing that the world-known Riedel wine tastings are absolutely fairly called "mystic breathtaking sights". At the end of the tasting all participants receive the special gift sets of tasting Riedel glasses Vinum XL.

The tasting will take place on September 16, 2013 in the conference hall "Ballroom" of the Hyatt Regency Kiev Hotel. The beginning is at 20:00. An invitation card costs 800 hryvnias (including the gift set of tasting glasses).

Cards can be purchased in the store "12 Person": 43/16 Krasnoarmeyskaya str., Kiev; tel.: +38 044 289 10 25