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Programs of organizational changes, carried out by Adizes Institute, are based on the methodology that has been worked out by the founder of Adizes Institute, professor Ichak Adizes, and is being successfully applied for transformation of organizations worldwide during 35 years.

Professor Adizes is a world’s leading expert in management sphere. He has been conferred on the title of honorary doctor in 15 universities and chosen as a member of the International management academy. Professor Adizes is also an author of 11 books about management, translated in 26 languages including Russian. His work “Corporate Lifecycle” was acknowledged as one of the best books in this sphere written over the 2 last decades.

Doctor Ichak Adizes is the founder and professional director of the Adizes Institute (Santa-Barbara, California). He is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of development and transformation of commercial and public organizations, he is a consultant of corporations and governments worldwide; he created the unique approach to the organizational change management through a process generating mutual trust and respect.

Dr. Adizes is an author of the following books:

  • Managing Corporate Lifecycles;
  • Mastering Change;
  • Pursuit of Prime:
  • Management/Mismanagement Styles;
  • Leading the Leaders;
  • Ideal Executive;
  • How to Manage in Times of Crisis.

At present his books have been translated in 13 languages. Dr. Adizes’s works are published in such editions as Fortune, Inc., Business Week, New York Times, London Financial Times.

For Mirs corporation Dr. Ichak Adizes conducted sessions for creation and change of the structure.

Zvezdan Horvat – Senior Associate of the Adizes Methodology, President of the office in the South-East Europe (Novi-Sad, Serbia). He has over 15-year-experience in application of the Adizes Methodology in the South-East Europe for small, middle and large companies. From 2005 till 2010 he was a policy director of Adizes in the Mirs corporation, conducted corporate diagnostic sessions, dealt with change of organizational structure and the Adizes Methodology implement in the Mirs corporation.

Nebojša Carić – Senior Associate of the Adizes Methodology, Adizes office in the South-East Europe (Novi-Sad, Serbia). He has over 15-year-experience in transformation of organizations, is a specialist in creation of motivational systems.

Shimon Rojany – Principal Associate of the Adizes Methodology, Adizes (USA). He directs the development of Adizes financial accountability program more than 25 years and is specialized in consulting clients with accountability problems. In the Mirs corporation he conducted sessions on organizational structure implementation and target definition («Black Book»). Conducts consultations on accountability system implementation («Red Book» and «Blue Book»).

Sunil Dovedy – President of Adizes Institute Professional Services, Adizes (USA). He is a leading specialist in implement of Adizes key programs, successfully combines the 25-year-experience of business management with knowledge in technical and spiritual fields. Since 2010 he is a policy director for the Mirs company.

Vladimir Tarasov Vladimir Tarasov

Vladimir Tarasov is well-known social technologist, business trainer, author and developer of business games and trainings, author of the concept of business camp as an educational technology.

Vladimir of Tarasov is a founder and Tallinn head of managers master (Estonia).

In 2009 Vladimir Tarasov conducted a 3 day training “The art of management of the struggle” for the top and middle management of the Mirs corporation.


Jansen Capital Management

Jansen Capital Management

The company renders services in development and implementation of effective human resources management strategies using technologies of leading providers, world’s leaders in human resources management such as Lumesse, Thomas International, Aon Неwitt etc.

Jansen Capital Management is a company that, using the international best practice, specializes in building and optimizing the critical ties between an organizational strategy and personnel management strategy for achievement of the best results.

With help of Jansen Mirs corporation implemented the Thomas system for analysis of personality and job profiles in 2008 and conducted assessment 360 for the top management in 2010.