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One of the priorities of the company's business is the development of its own retail chain of boutiques «12 Person» which is focused on demanding clients with refined tastes. By 2012, the boutiques «12 Person» were opened in Kiev, Odessa, Donetsk.

All boutiques are located in the central streets of the cities (in Kiev – in Vasylkivska street, in Odessa – in Grecheskaya street, in Donetsk – in Universitetskaya street) in concentration areas of equal status stores. The format of «12 Person» also provides the possibility of placing the boutique in the shopping centers of premium level (in Kiev – the shopping centre «Domosfera»).

The range of boutiques comprises tableware and table setting accessories, high quality and user-friendly solutions for kitchen, personified tableware for beverages, decor and home accessories, table linens, coffee machines and small kitchen appliances for breakfast. All categories of presented goods were selected by the principle of complementarity, so in boutique «12 Person» you can choose either ready-made solutions or create your own, relying on the experience and design trends of the world's leading brands.

The unique principle of goods layout allows the customers to orientate themselves easily in any of the stores, in any city. Series of tableware from famous brands, united by a common idea, are logically and clearly located along the perimeter of boutiques. Glossy surfaces of shop-windows in corporate colour of aged wine and strict black underline the premium of the products displayed, and black-and-white volume logos of tableware manufacturers symbolize the equivalence of their status. Creative design solutions are located within the perimeters of the boutiques «12 Person», showing a vision of manufacturing companies on a life style, typical for persons with taste.

In the boutiques «12 Person» the renowned European manufacturers of the best porcelain and crystal offer their ideas and table setting solutions, which combine good manners and an excellent sense of taste. Porcelain sets from Dibbern, Wedgwood, Rosenthal, Haviland are inviolable symbols of high status for many decades in any country, in any cultural environment. Wine glasses, carafes, handcrafted vases of clear and colored crystal Royal de Champagne help to create the atmosphere of grandeur and undeniable luxury typical of royal houses. Hedonistic Riedel glasses are designed to ensure that, not having the skills sommelier, to experience and evaluate the nuances of taste, aroma and aftertaste of wine.

Boutiques «12 Person» present a series of high-end cookware and accessories from the leading German manufacturers WMF and Silit, the well-known French brand Emile Henry and the famous brand Peugeot, the leading manufacturer of cookware De Buyer. Accessories and decor for home, status gifts take a significant part of the range in the boutiques «12 Person». Crystal vases from Waterford, Zwiesel 1872, silver frames and key rings, candle holders and gold souvenir spoons from Robbe & Berking, oil burners Lamp de Berget – there are no limits to shapes, decorations and original ideas in the boutique «12 Person». So each decor item or every gift chosen in the boutique «12 Person» bears a personal information about the taste of its owner.

A full range of table linens in the boutiques is represented by the French brands Le Jacquard Français and Garnier Thiebaut, which guarantee the highest quality, reliability and uniqueness of their masterpieces.

Only in boutiques «12 Person» the leading European manufacturers of coffee machines and small household appliances – WMF, Nivona, Graef, Cuisinart – give the customers the possibility to choose the devices that correspond to the tastes and lifestyle of its owner best of all.

We offer a personalized approach to shopping to all connoisseurs of high taste. The customers of the boutique become participants of the loyalty programme from the first purchase and subsequently may increase their discount due to accumulative discount system.

A well-functioning delivery system allows customers of the chain to save their time. Competent consultants whose qualifications are regularly confirmed by our partners – the world's leading brands – focus primarily on the customer’s needs. In order to ensure the best matching to individual requirements, the product samples can be delivered directly to the customer, so the final selection is made with the help of an expert of «12 Person» in a real interior.

In order to emphasize the exclusive items that will eventually go into the category of family values, boutiques «12 Person» provide the possibility of applying logos and engravings, and each of these operations are carried out on the production of the relevant suppliers, which guarantees keeping to the technologies of applying on silver, crystal or porcelain.

Since its foundation and till present time the chain «12 Person» is one of the most dynamic and promising chains in the luxury-market segment. The chain is developing according to the worked out strategy, the implementation of which is regularly reviewed and, if necessary, some elements are updated. In the next 5 years the opening of boutiques «12 Person» is planned in Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and Lvov – the most promising million-population cities in terms of sales. Despite the high positioning of boutiques, we also attract and those customers who consider a status purchase as a significant and emotional event, thus we create the followers of the trademark «12 Person» and take care of the future of the chain.

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